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IMAGE:  Red Ruffed Family Tree includes mom and troupe leader, Sorsha. Brothers and sires, Bogey and Frank, (based on observed behaviors, staff believe Bogey is the father (sire) of Mafy, Zo, and Toky, but there is a chance that Frank is the father.

SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Varecia variegata rubra

HABITAT:  Island of Madagascar, specically the Masoala Peninsula in northeastern Madagascar

CONSERVATION STATUS: Critically Endangered

Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group                                                   


HABITAT: The Red Ruffed Lemur is an arboreal (tree dwelling) primate that can grow to be 3.5 feet long from its head to the end of its tail.  The tail alone can account for almost 2 feet of this total length and is used for balance when jumping from branch to branch through the trees.  They are the largest member of the Lemuridae family and are called “ruffed” lemurs due to the tufts of long, thick fur on their ears.  They have soft fur that is mostly reddish-brown in color with a black face, feet, tail, and belly.  They usually have a white patch of fur on the nape of their neck and can weigh anywhere between 7-10 lbs.  Their snout is elongated and gives them a fox-like appearance.


These lemurs have a very loud warning system.  When a predator is nearby, they use an elaborate series of barks and calls to alert other lemurs in the area to the threat.  These newly alerted lemurs will then take up the warning call as well until all those in the area are aware of the danger.  The warning call will vary depending on whether the threat is on the ground, in the air, or in a tree.


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