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SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Lybuis dubuis
HOUSE NAME: "Gregory"

HABITAT:  A small section of the eastern half of the tropical region of Africa.



FUN FACT:  Barbets are most closely related to toucans, and play an important role in seed dispersal in tropical forests.

DIET:  Mainly a fruit eating bird, but they occasionally feed on insects (especially nestlings).  Examples of trees they feed off of include acacia, baobabs, figs, and various fruit trees found in gardens (papayas, mangoes, bananas, peppers, and avocados).  They especially prefer the fruit from fig trees.  It is commonly observed that barbets are wasteful eaters.  They often pluck and reject many fruits that otherwise seem edible.  They thrash their heads from side to side trying to cleanse themselves of the fruit remaining on their bill.  Most of the fruit ends up on the ground rather than being eaten.

DESCRIPTION:  A stout bird averaging 10in. in length and weighing between 2.7 and 3.7 ounces. Male is glossy black with white patch on back.  Black hair-like feathers protruding over chin and conical bill.  Red cheeks and breast followed by black breast band.  White belly with wide red streaks or blotches.  Females will have additional black spots on belly.  Bill has yellow grooves on the lower mandible, and two deep grooves running perpendicular to bill on each side of upper mandible (these will resemble teeth).  Juveniles resemble adults except being duller. 





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